E-Z Callus Peel Foot Callus Remover Kit, 4 Pack


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E-Z Callus Peel Foot Callus Remover Kit, 4 Pack Description

Meet the E-Z Callus Kit – Your Callus’s Worst Enemy Remove those stubborn calluses with ease using the E-Z Callus Removing Kit! Made with quality and ease of use in mind, this callus kit is your new best friend and your callus’s worst enemy. Includes Everything you Need to Battle Those Pesky Calluses on your Feet! Foot Callus Kit includes: 4 Packages of EZ Callus Peel Patches (4 patches per pack) 1 Callus Foot File 2 Disposable Replacement Foot Callus Files 1 Eucerin Moisturizing Lotion The EZ Callus Process Our Kit is an incredibly simple and straight-forward 4 Step ‘EZ’ process. The foot callus removing kits have everything you need to keep your feet looking at their best. Here are the steps: Step 1: Apply 2 patches to each foot – One on the ball of the foot & one on the heel of the foot. Let the callus patches work their magic for about 5-10 minutes and then remove the patches. Step 2: Use the included tool to scrape away your callus from the callused area Step 3: Buff the remaining callus smooth with the foot file. Step 4: Rinse feet with clean water & apply moisturizing cream. The Safest Callus Peeling Product on the Market – Putting your best foot forward We keep your foot health in mind – the 4 callus pads in each pack (comes with four packs) have a ph level of 10, which means less skin irritation and more pads compared to other products. It’s also safe for diabetics.

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