Hand Sanitizer – Jar (48pcs.) (Sweet Pea)


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Hand Sanitizer – Jar (48pcs.) (Sweet Pea) Description

Scent Name:Sweet Pea This jar with 48 small bottles of nourishing, conditioning, and moisturizing hand sanitizer represents incredible value. Choosing these tiny units- rather than big bottles made with fluid pump dispensers- cannot be understated for purse carriers… or anybody with pockets! Adding this conveniently sized gel/fluid to your daily repertoire relieves any time wasted worrying about hygiene and dryness as you prepare to leave the house. Instead, this quickly-drying formula will contribute to your day with its small size and hugely positive impact. Purchasing 48 one ounce bottles proves to be a wiser choice than a 2-pack or 10-pack. We become ‘used to’ many daily inconveniences, but keeping your hands sanitary on a convenient, consistent basis no longer has to be an issue! This expertly designed moisturizing agent can be applied to any location on the body, leaving your skin feeling freshly graced by the kiss of Le Vital’s formula. Fantastic for baby showers and to keep around your home.

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