Nail Trainer Practice Hand – Multi Language


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Nail Trainer Practice Hand – Multi Language Description

The Nail Trainer ® is a life-like hand on a flexible arm and has jointed fingers, flesh like finger tips and replaceable exercise nails. It is widely used in training classes and schools around the world and is included in our Diploma Nail Courses as the primary model to practice on. Unlike live models, it’s enjoyable to work on, is always available, never complains, and you’ll never hurt it during a training session. You simply attach the Nail Trainer ® to a table and practice creating nails again and again, until they are perfect. There’s no better way to learn new skills and improve your technique and speed than practising on the Nail Trainer ®. Here is what one happy customer has to say about Nail Trainer ® ‘The best piece of training equipment I have ever purchased, I have been doing nails for 6 years and still test out new ideas on my Nail Trainer. Thanks to the unique security of using bubble tag technology, the authentication certificate on your Nail Trainer® has a three dimensional ‘bubble code’ giving a digital imprint to each Nail Trainer that cannot be copied. With this technology you can be assured that you have bought an Official Nail Trainer® practice hand. Full instructions are included with the Nail Trainer® on how to check and validate your product. Pack contains: Nail Trainer hand & desk clamp, 5 complete sets of practice nails (25), progress cards and an online demonstration video.

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