Thermal Spa UV Auto Gel Lamp 45 Watt


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Thermal Spa UV Auto Gel Lamp 45 Watt Description

Color:White Thermal Spa Professional UV Gel Lamp Nail Dryer Beautiful nails are made easier with Thermal Spa UV Lamp Gel Polish Dryer. Designed for drying all professional manicures and pedicures, you can count on the Thermal Spa Nail Dryer for correct and reliable drying at all times. This nail dryer was designed to be friendly and easy to use and maintain. With 3 simple settings, you can choose to have the nail dryer always on, or with a timer for 2 min or 3 mins. Smart design helps reduce the drying time no matter the brand of your Gel polish. Also comes with a removable, easy to clean bottom liner. Whatever your passion is, creating beautiful, unique nail designs, or maintaining a clean, healthy looking nails with simple gel polish, this nail dryer is for you.

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